CV 2017 Diploma in Visual (Fine) Arts 2013 scholarship Tbilisi/Tiflis-Georgia 2012 scholarship for the 14. International Dresden Summer Academy 2011 start study at the Academy of fine Arts Dresden with Eberhard Bosslet 2010 co-founding Atelier im Sandkasten(Atelier in the sandbox), participation to the 13th International Dresden Summer Academy - course with Bruno Kuhlmann 2008 participation of Leipzig Summer Academy course with Katrin Kunert, Jörg Ernert, Judith Ostermyer 2007 participation to the 10th International Summer Academy in Dresden course with Alexander Karner sinse 2007 etching course Käthe Kollwitzhaus Moritzburg with Maja Nagel since 2006 worked as Artist in Dresden,free painting and drawing course with Hans-Ulrich Wutzler (painting/graphic arts) 1994-2002 youth arts school Dresden - "Nature Studies" with Marianne Dextor

1981 born in Ilmenau

EXHIBITIONS 2017 «Diplomausstellung», Oktogon Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Dresden 2015 «BILDERLADEN», Galerie Holger John, Dresden 2014 «Meine Häuser II», Deutscher Werkbund, Dresden-Hellerau «New Objects», Medienhaus PENTACON, Dresden 2012/13/14/15/16 «Jahresausstellung», Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Dresden «Januarausstellung», Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Dresden 2012/13 «Meine Häuser», Galerie im Gang, TU-Dresden 2011 «Druck!», Atelier im Sandkasten 2010 «13. Internationalen Sommerakademie», Motorenhalle, Dresden «Vernissage», Atelier im Sandkasten, Dresden «Narzissmus Pur», Atelier im Sandkasten, Dresden «Werkausstellung», Atelier im Sandkasten, Dresden «Mixed Pics», Atelier im Sandkasten, Dresden «Art und Förmchen», Atelier im Sandkasten, Dresden 2009 «City-Sketches», Galerie Grafikladen, Dresden «Brücke Dresden», Rathaus, Moritzburg «Grafik», Musemscafé-Käthe Kollwitzhaus, Moritzburg «100 Jahre Hellerau», BG-Akademie, Dresden «Dresden in Berlin», Galerie Kunstraum-Ko, Berlin 2008 «Sommeratelier Dresden», Foyer Japanisches Palais, Dresden 2007 «10. Internationalen Sommerakademie», Motorenhalle, Dresden «City-Scapes», Atelier für Kunst und Gestaltung – Olaf Stoy, Bannewitz 2006 «Hewlett-Packard Hype-Gallery», Café Moskau, Berlin

SELECTED KITCHEN SOUNDS, since 2017 It´s an Audiowork for Art-Spaces, ...
Field Recordings - Sounds of Kitchen - Compositions created with my Computer. Musical Soundscapes intensify the Kitchen Sounds. This artwork is in the tradition of Electroacoustic Music(--> Wikipedia).

LAIB, 2017 bread sculptures, bread dough, salt, baking paper / 500 cm x 800 cm (size per sculpture about 35 cm ø and 40-60 cm height) poster, digital printing on PVC / size per image 168 cm x 118 cm

... with his food-consuming sculptures, which he baked in old oil barrels, he points to the absurdity that arises from the overproduction of a basic food which is even used as a fuel. "Nichts ist, wie es scheint" - Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, July 2017 - #Susanne Magister

El Chef De Cuisine, 2016 material/size variable It is a series of digital Photo Collages about food, foodstuff, design of the glossy magazines. Surreal Collages about food - created without photos of food. Photos I found on google-search - images only from the internet!

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Advertising, Society and Industry, 2015 material/size variable Werbung, Geselschaft und Industrie, 2015 Material/Größe variabel It is a series of political art posters of different themes about foodstuff industry for examble food advertising and economic and social standards and norms, but also about the handling of food, the origin and the cultivation of foods.
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Burger-Porn, 2015 Video, 09:15 min Is to see how I eat a hamburger. By the way I watch on my mobile phone a porn video. So easy! Nothing more, nothing less! A matter of fact! No emotional impulses! So food is a minor matter and not more important than the movie on my phone! It's my homage to the pop art and Andy Warhol, but with a current time reference!

L´OCRE, 2013/14 sculpture: paste wax, pigments, wire, paper, 80 x 350 x 220 cm drawings: size variable Its a series of drawings and one sculpture.

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New Objects, 2012/13 graphite on special-protective paper Neue Objekte, 2012/13 graphit auf Spezial-Schutzpapier, 100 x 140 cm A series of drawings about architecture, form, material, reduction and alienation.

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